Beaumont Bailey Supports Organisations Through People Analytics Partner

As the crisis with COVID-19 continues to create uncertainty for organisations, Beaumont Bailey have teamed up with strategic partner to provide a COVID-19 Analytics package to clients for free.

The package will enable organisations to monitor, assess and manage the safe transition of employees through the challenges of COVID-19. This includes the safe preparations and management of employees through travel and lock restriction changes.

Commenting on the announcement, George Dobbins says, “This in an incredibly challenging time for organisations. This solution, which is free for organisations, will genuinely enable them to manage their workforce through the well-being and safety challenges that we will all experience as we move through changes in lockdown restrictions. We are delighted that we’re able to bring this to clients”.

The solution only requires 2-3 weeks to implement and overlays organisational data with real-time data on the virus across all regional geographies.