Finding two Strategic Consultants to support the executive board & CEO for an optical technology organisation

The Industrial Practice at Beaumont Bailey was engaged to support a Board member and CEO of a major European, MDAX medical technology manufacturer. Combined, these individuals were responsible for a global revenue of over €2bn, and were both looking for a Strategic Consultant to assist with the continued growth of business across Europe, the Americas and Asia.


The CEO and Board member, with whom Beaumont Bailey were working, required support across their vast international remits and their complex variety of responsibilities. It was determined that Strategic Consultants were required to amplify their efforts and activities and were to be deployed on strategic initiatives across the business in order to improve processes and conduct comprehensive analysis on behalf of the group’s executive committee.


The organisation presented Beaumont Bailey with three key criteria for the role:

  1. The individual must possess a well-rounded and strategic mindset, with exceptional academic results and professional consulting experience within a top-tier management consultancy.
  2. They must have expertise in the medical technology field, spearheading large corporate projects and analysis into device performance, R&D and marketing within the segment.
  3. Finally, the individual must be exceptionally detail orientated, and have proven experience in supporting and engaging with European-level Management Boards.


Beaumont Bailey drew upon its partnerships with global medical institutions to identify top talent across major consultancies operating across the life sciences field. As a result, Beaumont Bailey placed 2 exceptional candidates, with expertise in medical devices, and years of experience in strategic consulting for a top 3 management consultancy. One placement was hired to assist the Global Head and a member of the Board, and another the CEO & President of the organisation’s Americas arm.

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