Finding Martin Currie a Portfolio Manager for its Global Emerging Markets franchise

Martin Currie is a leading global investor specialising in international equities. Our active investment offerings and integration of ESG factors are highly regarded by clients around the world. Founded in 1881, Martin Currie operate independently as a Specialist Investment Manager (SIM) with within the Franklin Templeton group.


Martin Currie was looking to strengthen its highly successful Global Emerging Markets (GEM) franchise with best in market emerging portfolio management talent. Given the well defined nature of the talent pool in Edinburgh (HQ location), Martin Currie felt they had exhausted the local talent pool and needed to search further afield in both the UK (notably London) but also Europe to get a sense of the wider talent pool available and in particular access more diverse talent.


Beaumont Bailey were originally commissioned to map the GEM equity market for best in class emerging talent across multiple UK & European locations including London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen & Frankfurt. Off the back of this research project, Martin Currie were given concrete data points to highlight the range of profiles and warrant there being a concrete business case to move to search.


The successful search process culminated in the hire of a well regarded EM Analyst / PM from Jupiter Asset Management and this opportunity enabled her to step up into a influential Portfolio Manager role within the team. This Individual has since relocated from London to Edinburgh and has had a considerable impact on the GEM team.