Replacing the outgoing Chair for pension fund, LifeSight

LifeSight is a DC master trust and is Willis Tower Watson’s latest offering to the UK market. LifeSight forms part of the company’s growing family of master trusts already operating in Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa and Belgium. LifeSight’s mission is to make pensions better for everyone so members can have brighter futures and employers can focus on what they do best.


The LifeSight Trustee Board provides independent oversight and challenge with responsivity for all aspects of governance and administration of the LifeSight master trust. LifeSight is one of the leading UK master trusts by Assets under Management and has grown rapidly since inception.


Beaumont Bailey were introduced to the LifeSight Executive in 2021 off back of the successful hiring the Head of Investments had conducted previously for the Global Fiduciary Investments team. The original brief was to replace an outgoing Trustee with an individual with a strong investment-led background.

Off the back of a successful hire, where Beaumont Bailey secured the former CIO of a highly successful global equities franchise and seasoned NED, Beaumont Bailey were instructed in 2022 to replace the outgoing Chair. This appointment came at a critical moment and inflection point in the evolution of the business, given the rapid growth and leadership change at both Executive level and Non-Executive.


Beaumont Bailey are working closely with the new leadership team to ensure a smooth transition and successful onboarding of a new Chair to lead the Trustee board.