Two key hires for Imerso, a Norwegian construction technology business

Imerso are a Norwegian based construction technology business who are backed by the Nemetschek Group. The business underwent a Series A in 2022 to fuel international expansion. Imerso provides laser-scanning to construction sites in order to create digital twins and promote improved project controls and project management.


Following their successful raise, Imerso were looking to hire a Head of Commercial and a Marketing Manager to support the international expansion. As the first major hires into the senior leadership teams, it was vital for these hires to hold the correct experience and skillset, but also the right personality to complement a close-knit and highly motivated team.


We provided guidance to the Founders on the location of the talent, background, experience, and we deployed our assessment technology to create a picture of the existing team, in order to assess potential candidates’ personality and competency alignment. We shortlisted the Head of Commercial role within 4 weeks, and used the feedback from the interviews to re-focus the search within strategic sales profiles. We provided a secondary shortlist after 4 weeks and successfully concluded both searches within a 12 week window.