Introducing James Pope

We are delighted to bring together a team of market experts and industry leaders spanning the infrastructure, real estate, manufacturing and recruitment sectors. Get to know the team below!

James Pope, Founding Director

Experience – Joining from a well-established international executive search boutique, James has built a track-record placing C-suite and key leadership positions within the industrial sector across the UK, Europe and North Africa. James has partnered with firms across the building materials, industrial manufacturing, automotive and infrastructure sectors.

Why found Beaumont Bailey?

Over the last 15 years executive search has been very slow to evolve. There has been a reticence to embrace technology, a lack of creativity in sourcing top talent and very little development or willingness to adapt service offerings. The result of this is that a gulf has emerged between the services offered by executive search firms and the needs of client organisations.

Beaumont Bailey was founded to fill that void. By holding on to the best of traditional executive search and enhancing it through technology, being more creative in where and how we source talent and adapting our processes to the needs of our clients we feel we have something truly valuable to offer.

Thoughts on Leadership?

I believe that search firms should have more skin in the game when it comes to leadership development, diversity and skills shortages. It’s not enough to simply comment on the lack of diverse talent on boards or the atrophy of senior talent in particular sectors.

As part of our contribution to overcoming these issues at Beaumont Bailey we will be leveraging our senior network to provide a forum for talent development, eventually creating a cross organisation leadership development programme, created for industry by industry and coordinated by Beaumont Bailey.

Interesting Fact?

I grew up in southern Portugal and try to get back there as much as I can. Unfortunately, my Portuguese is about as good as my golf… I can get round, but it isn’t pretty.