Letter from the founders


Firstly, thank you for taking the time to look through our website. We’re hopeful to bring insightful content across our community that supports you and your business.

We have launched Beaumont Bailey to deliver executive search and leadership advisory services that make a real difference to clients. We believe we have a unique position in the market, combining our experience within executive search – acquired by working within two of the largest firms in the UK and Europe – with new technologies that will help shape the future of talent acquisition. Our vision is to build a rich network and community that is innately collaborative, supportive and diverse in expertise and experience.

Like many of the industries we partner, the executive search industry is embarking on its own period of disruption. New technologies including workforce planning, talent analytics and assessment services are entering the marketplace and changing the landscape for us and our client partners. Whilst these services will never replace the personal relationships that the executive search industry is built upon (and nor would we wish them to), they do allow us to create material and measurable value beyond the transaction of executive search, fostering long term partnerships.

As an executive search firm, we have a unique position as advisors to key leadership talent. Whilst many search firms comment on the state of leadership within industries, we want to go a step further by developing and investing in the leaders of tomorrow. It is imperative that we support industry to create the best leaders by providing them with the skillsets and knowledge to drive organisations through an everchanging landscape. By using our platform, we can create learning environments that are diverse with a richness in experience where leaders of tomorrow can improve.

Collaboration, adaptability, agility, well-being and social responsibility will be crucial over the next decade and we want to provide our partners with the assurance and confidence that we are supporting them in building the best possible leadership teams.

We look forward to working with our partners to support them through this undoubtedly exciting and defining period.


George & James