Through our partnership with Assessio, Beaumont Bailey is able to leverage the most innovative assessments which are scientifically validated to significantly increase the overall assessment performance when recruiting senior roles.

Our assessment solution is centred around 3 key frameworks: General Mental Ability, 5 Factors of Personality and Motivational Traits. Through our platform, we’re able to significantly increase the accuracy of all selection decisions, and therefore reduce the costs associated with mis-hires and bad-leavers.

With the use of our Assessment platform, we provide clients with the following solutions:

Team Assessments

Provide clear picture on the strengths, weaknesses and dynamics across executive, departmental and project teams.

Venture Due-Diligence

Support Private Equity and Venture Capital on pre-deal diligence and highlight key risk factors, strengths and areas of concern.

‘Scale Up’ Assessment Service

Integration with all recruitment campaigns at an organisational and enterprise level.

High Potential Identification

We work to understand your long term visions and goals, before assessing your workforce to identify future leaders aligned to your criteria.

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