Muktahal Singh Birring

Executive Search & Marketing Intern

Muktahal is currently a summer intern at Beaumont Bailey. As a rising junior in the prestigious World Bachelor in Business program, offered collaboratively by USC, HKUST, and Bocconi, he brings a robust international education background. Muktahal has studied and interned across three different continents, equipping him with a diverse and global perspective. With keen interests in consulting, case competitions, finances and sales, Muktahal is dedicated to learning and contributing in various capacities.

At Beaumont Bailey, Muktahal’s role is multifaceted, encompassing financial operations, business development strategies, and marketing efforts. He actively supports associates with research tasks and assists the marketing team. Additionally, Muktahal shadows senior executives to gain invaluable insights into client interactions and team management, further enhancing his professional growth and understanding of the industry.